In the BATHROOM FURNITURE category you can choose all the furniture and accessories from our collection listed in more specific sub-categories that make it easier to search for items.

In this section you will find bathroom furniture and related accessories such as mirrors, columns and other wall units or lamps; but also the various finishes or lacquered colours, also chosen from the RAL folder. All our products are built in Italy with the best materials that the modern technology makes available.

Bathroom furnitures and complements


  • Bathroom cabinet with...

    Bathroom furniture base complete with washbasin, built with materials suitable for high durability also in specific environments as the bathroom

  • Wall column, wall unit...

    Wall column furnitures with tempered glass shelves that can be positioned to you choose; wall unit; wall furnitures with feet and others complements

  • Mirrors & Lamps

    Mirrors and lamps suited to giving a touch of originality to your bathroom

  • Bathroom finishes

    Bathroom finishes

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